Mon Réseau Plus

Board of directors

conseil-administration-mon-reseau-plusThe Board of Directors of the Professional Association of Specialized Massage Therapists of Quebec, Mon Réseau Plus, is composed of regular members of the association and one person as a public representative appointed for a two-year term. Elections are held at the Annual General Assembly.

Mandate of the Board

  • Provide strategic direction.
  • Evaluate the performance of the President
    and Chief Executive Officer.
  • Insure compliance with rules and policies.
  • Establish various committees.
  • Approve annual budgets.
  • Develop and maintain an open line of
    communication with members of the Association.

 Members of the Board

  • Ms Danielle Kenney, president
  • Ms Linda Mongeau, vice-president
  • Ms Nathalie Tremblay, treasurer
  • M. Robert Noreau, secretary
  • M. Stéphane Gilbert, administrator
  • Ms Lucie Falardeau, administrator
  • M. Francis Legendre, administrator and public representative

Strategic governance attestation®

Logo Gouvernance stratégiqueFollowing an elaborate process with a certified consultant, the Association’s board of directors obtained in 2013 a strategic governance attestation. The attestation confirmed that the directors joined an implementation process and fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Complete the comprehension training “Your CA governance…a successful strategy!”;
  • Proceed to the assessment of Board of director’s management;
  • Develop and adopt the governance policy;
  • Update general regulations.

Keeping the status of an attested organization requires the acknowledgement of the board of directors and of the strategic governance attestation. It also required the development of healthy governance that meets the current needs of the organization.