Mon Réseau Plus

Client’s rights

Any person consulting a therapist has the authority to stop treatment at any time, for any reason. A client is not expected to justify ending a therapeutic evaluation. Moreover, a therapist must respect the client’s right to consult another professional. A therapist cannot violate the client’s right to decide.

Refusal to receive treatment

If a client does not feel comfortable with a treatment or a manoeuvre, he or she can refuse treatment at all times. Even when a treatment is justified, a therapist must, under every circumstance, respect the client’s right to make a decision.

Receipt for insurance purposes

As a member of the Association, it is the therapist’s responsibility to offer an official receipt from the Professional Association of Specialized Massage Therapists of Quebec, Mon Réseau Plus, at the client’s request following a treatment. This receipt can be used to file an insurance claim with an insurance company.

Client record files

A client can be granted free access to the file linked to the treatment received at all times. The therapist must comply if a client requests a copy of this file; however, a transcription or a copy can entail reasonable fees. For more details concerning the client’s rights and the duties of a therapist, please see the Association’s Code of Ethics.