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Digital customer files

New free digital customer files service

The Association is proud to officially launch its new online numeric customer files management service for massage therapists. Free of charge for all Mon Reseau Plus members, the digital customer files service allows the therapist to produce customer files online from a computer, a digital tablet or a smartphone. You can access this service anywhere from your profile on the Association’s website.

Health questionnaires, customer details, therapeutic follow-up; everything was designed to ease your record management!

Main benefits

dossier-client-utilisation-simple-rapide-MRPQuick and easy to use

Quickly record your notes with a predefined list of diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and types of muscles.

dossier-client-consultation-des-notes-facilitee-MRPEasier access to notes

Focus on what is important when consulting a file by displaying only useful content.

dossier-client-Identification-efficace-des-zones-de-douleurs-MRPEffective recognition of specific pain areas

Identify on an anatomical shape the specific pain areas and write down your notes for each.

dossier-client-archivage-automatique-et-securitaire-MRPAutomatic and secure records

Simplify your record management with the automatic record system that uses encrypted data and a protected server.

dossier-client-economie-de-papier-MRPPaper saving

Produce all of your client files online and create a PDF document if it needs to be submitted to an external source.

dossier-client-personnalisation-des-notes-de-suivi-MRPCustomization of follow-up notes

Create your own lists of observations and maneuvers to facilitate and accelerate the taking of therapeutic follow-ups notes.

dossier-client-production-instantanee-de-recus-numeriques-MRPInstant digital receipt production

Simply indicate the cost of the care appearing on the digital receipt and directly email it to the customer.

dossier-client-exportation-des-dossiers-MRPFile exportation

Keep track of your customer records through exportation, which allows you to save all your files on a computer if needed.

Simply log in to the member section of our website, access your profile and click on the “Dossiers clients numériques” tag.



It will be our pleasure to answer all of your questions about this innovation. Contact us at 1 800 461-1312 ext. 1435 for effective assistance!


Please send us your comments and suggestions to [email protected] and help us improve our service!