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Digital insurance receipts

Service-recus-numeriques-gratuit-MRPFree digital insurance receipts service

The Association offers all its members a free web service for the production of digital insurance receipts. A major innovation in the massage therapy industry in Quebec that aims to support you in your practice.

Accessible to all members, this service allows you to produce insurance receipts in a digital PDF file and send it directly to your clients by email.

Benefits for therapists

recus-assurance-illimites-MRPUnlimited insurance receipts

Produce freely every needed insurance receipt with this easily accessible online tool.


Reduce your ecological impact and preserve the environment by producing digital receipts. No paper. No transportation involved.

recus-assurance-aucuns-frais-poste-MRPFree of postage fees

Avoid delivery fees or having to move to retrieve your receipt book.

recus-assurance-reclamations-en-ligne-simplifiees-MRPSimplified online insurance claims

Facilitate your clients’ online insurance claims by preventing them from digitizing their insurance receipts.

recus-assurance-service-simple-rapide-MRPFast and easy service

Benefit from a simple and efficient work tool that allows you to produce insurance receipts and send them by email instantly.

recus-assurance-archivage-automatique-MRPAutomatic archiving

Stop being concerned about preserving all your receipts with the safe and automatic archiving service, and produce duplicates within a moment.

How to use this service?

Simply log in to the member section of our website, access your profile and click on the “Reçus d’assurance” tag. The service allows you to generate receipts from the information already registered in your profile for each of the disciplines in your file (massage therapy, kinesitherapy, orthotherapy or naturotherapy).

Using the digital receipt service is very simple. If you are not used to accessing the members section of Mon Reseau Plus’s website, we invite you to consult the procedure.

Meets the requirements of insurance companies

Digital receipts have been developed following the same standards as the paper version, to ensure that it would meet the requirements of all insurance companies. There is no more need to register your membership number or to sign your receipt: each generated receipt has a unique number which includes the membership number of whom produced it.



It will be our pleasure to answer all of your questions concerning this innovation. Contact us at 1 800 461-1312 extension 1435 for effective assistance!


Please send us your comments and suggestions to [email protected] and help us improve our service.