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Code of Ethics


For convenient reasons, the masculine gender is used in this text. It must be understood the same way for feminine gender.

The violation of any article of this code by a therapist constitutes a derogatory act to the profession’s dignity and to the honour of this association.

Code of Ethics

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 General clauses
CHAPTER 2 Duty and obligations to the public
CHAPTER 3 Duties and obligations towards the Client
CHAPTER 4 Duties and obligations towards the profession
CHAPTER 5 Availability and diligence
CHAPTER 6 Professionnel secrecy
CHAPTER 7 Responsibility
CHAPTER 8 Independence and unselfi shness
CHAPTER 9 Files accessibility
CHAPTER 10 Professional fees
CHAPTER 11 Asepsis
CHAPTER 12 Relationship with Members and the Association
CHAPTER 13 Duties and obligations towards the Association