Mon Réseau Plus


mission-mon-reseau-plusThe Professional Association of Specialized Massage Therapists of Quebec, Mon Réseau Plus, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to represent, support and promote the professional activities of its members, as well as to inform, refer and protect the public. To achieve its mission, the Association is based on four fundamental principles:

  • Support its members in their practice;
  • Promote its members and the profession;
  • Represent the field of massage therapy with various levels of government and other bodies affecting the profession;
  • Protect the public with a full disciplinary structure.


In 2008, Mon Réseau Plus successfully bridged three of Quebec’s professional associations. The goal of this fusion was to standardize massage therapy as well as other bodywork therapies. Members of each association involved are then better represented in political spheres as well as with health representatives; they have access to high quality personalized support, along with a major marketing program and a wider business network. This important decision is part of a collaborative approach and a new beginning in the field of massage therapy in Quebec.

Key accomplishments

The association currently holds over 6,800 members, making it the single most important association of massage therapists in Quebec. This fusion successfully met a number of goals, while guiding the progress of massage therapy and members of its association by:

  • providing a better platform;
  • standardizing massage therapy;
  • facilitating business development;
  • establishing important promotional programs;
  • innovating and developing the status of massage therapy in Quebec.

Several concrete actions favoring the management of our profession have since been carried out.