Mon Réseau Plus

Skills development fund


Fonds-developpement-competences-mrpThe Skills development fund is an initiative of the Association that aims at supporting therapists that desire to complete their training with continuing education.

With this financial assistance from the Association, members have all the tools at their disposal to continue their specialization and to continue to develop their skills in the field of massage therapy.

Terms and Conditions

With this fund, any member who desires to sign up for a continuous education program offer in an academic institution recognized by Mon Reseau Plus, is eligible for a grant equivalent  to 50% off the pre-taxes price of the program, up to a maximum of 200$ per training.

To be eligible to a reimbursement you need to:

  • Be a regular member of the Association;
  • Choose a continuous education program recognized by the Association (including the Classe des maîtres)
  • Attend the training in one of the academic institutions recognized by Mon Réseau Plus;
  • Succeed the training.

The Vacation-training as well as the Training-meetings by Mon Reseau Plus are not eligible. There is a limit of one training per year for each therapist. For members that renewed their membership, the maximum grant allowed will not exceed the amount of thier contribution for the current year.

Applications for the Skills Development Fund will be processed until the initial available budget has been spent. If you are eligible to the grant, the reimbursement form will be sent to you by email. Reimbursement requests for training completed between April 2017 and March 2018 must be submitted no later than 60 days following the end of the training and so, before March 31th 2018. Refunds will only be made by check.

Steps to follow

  1. Choose a continuous education program recognized by the Association and given by a recognized and audited academic institution;
  2. Submit a grant application to the Association prior to the training by filling the form on this page;
  3. When approved, complete the training;
  4. Fill out the reimbursement form provided by the Association by e-mail and attach the invoice for the training followed and the certificate or diploma and transcript.


For more information, please contact Karine Vincelette at 1 800 461-1312 ext. 1428.