Mon Réseau Plus

Training meetings


Concerned about presenting trainings that will contribute to the professional development of its members, the Professional Association of Specialized Massage therapist of Quebec, Mon Reseau Plus, has developed the Training meetings, continuous training days. With this project, the Association desires to offer its member the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the massage therapy practice and to increase their training hours.

A Look Back on the 2017 Edition

Participants were also able to learn brand-new massage therapy techniques that will enable them to provide the very best care to clients suffering from stress and its effects such as muscle pain, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, etc. Thanks to this training, they can now:

  • Recognize the different signs and symptoms of stress, as well as the joints, muscles, and muscle groups affected by it;
  • Create an action plan to provide their clients with complete anti-stress treatment;
  • Practice new techniques for the neck, lumbar area, back, chest, and abdomen.

This training gave them indispensable tools and allowed them to take advantage of our unique concept of practical training, which allowed them to practice and perfect the techniques thanks to the 50 tables that had been made available to them. The course was available to all massage therapists with at least 400 hours of training.

Cities visited in 2017

  • Quebec City
  • Montreal
  • Beloeil

Be on the lookout for the 2018 training meetings.


The training was developed by the Académie de Massage Scientifique and was taught by Jesson Couture and Benoît Ménard, instructors experienced in massage therapy and orthotherapy.


For more information, or if you are not a member of the Association but would to participate in our training, please contact Karine Vincelette at 1 800 461-1312 ext. 1428.

* Note that training is offered in French only.