Mon Réseau Plus

Travel-training program


With the Travel-training program of the Professional Association of Massage Therapist of Quebec, Mon Reseau Plus, try a new and pleasant way to learn! Released from your obligations and time constraints, it is easier to relax and have an open mind, ready to learn. Enjoy a vacation while acquiring knowledge and tools that will be useful in your work! This is also a great networking opportunity.

For 2017, all places have been filled quickly. The massage therapists and their companions have flown from January 18 to 26, in an all-inclusive experience. If you did not have the chance to sign up for this year edition, stay aware for the 2018 destination and training by signing up for the recall list.

Part of the cost of the trip can be deducted from your incomes on your federal income tax return. Ask your accountant about it.

2017 Edition


Located in the South of Central America, Panama is a paradise for nature and outdoors adventure lovers with its numerous National parks. The luxurious vegetation and exotic wildlife of its tropical forest make Panama one of the most bio diversified ecosystem on earth. Its capital, Panama, also stands out through its rich culture and its historical maritime canal.


Rainfalls are rather rare on the island and the sun shines almost year-round. Moreover, one can admire the sunrise on the Pacific and the sunset on the Atlantic! The climate is pleasant and the trade winds refresh the atmosphere, plus, its geographical position protects the island from hurricanes. During January, the temperature goes from 22 to 29 Celsius degrees. The Jetlag is only an hour less than in Quebec when in winter. No vaccinations are required.


Neuro-proprioceptive taping adapted to massage therapy techniques.

Contrary to popular opinion, Neuro-proprioceptive taping or NPT isn’t just for athletes. Indeed, NPT can inhibit or stimulate a muscle or to benefit from the activation of the body’s natural analgesia system to reduce muscle and joint pain for anyone.

Taping Taping2

With this training, which was given by an expert from the Académie de massage et d’Orthothérapie, the therapists discovered the properties of different tape strips and learned various taping methods, sometimes complex, to use during a client’s care. All the advantages that these brightly colored lines can bring to a varied clientele include:

  • reduce pain;
  • help to correct posture;
  • help to regain a range of motion;
  • reduce edema by enhancing the body flows;
  • encourage rehabilitation after an injury;
  • allow an early return to daily life schedule.

It was a 16-hour training, spread over four days. Apart from the scheduled activities and trainings, the participants could enjoy some free time.


Accommodation during the stay was at the Royal Decameron Golf and Beach Resort, a 4 stars hotel resort directly located on the beach only a few minutes from the airport and at approximately 1h30 from Panama City. Its 820 rooms retorted in several buildings offered different views depending on the availability and with an additional cost. Travelers could choose from single, double or triple occupancy. Rates were based on the number of occupants in the room.

Kaap Verdie, Cabo Verde, KaapVerdie, Kaap Verdische eilanden. 11-06-2013. Boa Vista. foto: Michael Kooren/Utrecht.

Take a look at their website of the resort to get the full view!