Mon Réseau Plus

Travel-training program


With the Travel-training program of the Professional Association of Massage Therapist of Quebec, Mon Reseau Plus, try a new and pleasant way to learn! Released from your obligations and time constraints, it is easier to relax and have an open mind, ready to learn. Enjoy a vacation while acquiring knowledge and tools that will be useful in your work! This is also a great networking opportunity.

For 2018, the massage therapists and their companions have flown from February 1st to 8, in an all-inclusive experience. If you did not have the chance to sign up for this year edition, stay aware for the 2019 destination and training.

A look back on the 2018 Edition

During this second edition, participants had the good luck to choose between two quality courses given by the Académie de massage et d’Orthothérapie. The selected 12-hour course was offered by Mon Réseau Plus: a $500 value! Participants paid only the cost of travel and accommodation. Places in each course were limited. The choices were:

1. Myofascial release and trigger points

Combined training in myofascial release and trigger points enabled the participants to obtain great results when they put their training into practice with their clients.

Since trigger points are formed in response to one or more trauma—such as stress, repetitive motion, sports injuries, viruses, poor posture, surgery or joint problems—relaxing the muscles through myofascial stretching is a definite asset. Symptoms the client feels vary from pain to stiffness, to lack of range of motion. Myofascial stretching improves flexibility and circulation, in addition to reducing muscle tension, risk of injury and joint pain.

2. Neuro-proprioceptive taping adapted to the practice of massage therapy


Greatly appreciated by the participants in the 2017 edition, the training in neuro-proprioceptive taping (NPT) made a comeback. In this training, participants discovered the properties of NPT and learned a variety of sometimes complex layering methods, to be used in the care of their clients.
Contrary to popular belief, NPT is not only for athletes. This technique can inhibit or stimulate a muscle to benefit from the activation of the body’s natural analgesic system to reduce muscle and joint pain for any type of clientele. NPT also allows you to regain the full range of movement and reduce oedema, speeding up the return to daily activities.


If you have any questions, contact Karine Vincelette at 1 800 461-1312 ext. 1428.

* Note that training is offered in French only.